Welcome to Rehab Running, the website that aims to help you get back on the road after injury.

Having been prescribing exercise for years in my role as a physiotherapist, I have been consistently frustrated with the lack of information that is available to help patients grade their return back to running.

As a result I have set about designing specific tools to aid people recovering from mild, moderate or severe injury, get them free from pain and get them back to the thing they love… running.

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iPhone App

The most exciting new tool to help this recovery process is the new iPhone application. This application helps you to grade your return to activity after injury. Without this structure tissues can be overworked which can prevent them from healing properly or worse still healing at all.


Article: Bounce back from a set back

Just for a flavor of where I’m coming from, here is an article I wrote for Men’s Fitness to help get people back on track after an injury. A 1,2,3 step approach to getting you back to full fitness.


Gluteal Exercises

View videos on strengthening and stretching exercises, with accompanying explanation of why, what and how much you should be doing.

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