Rehab Structure

Why do we need to rehabilitate with structure?

Why do the body’s tissues need to be gradually exposed to stress to avoid failure and pain?

1. Injury can result in tissues (whether that is bone, ligament, tendon or muscle) being stressed beyond there capacity to cope with this stress……liken this to a piece of copper wire, if you keep bending it back and forth, eventually it will fail to cope with this repeated stress and will snap.

2. Fortunately the tissues of the body are more resilient than copper wire!!, and even better still…….IF we expose them to a GRADUALLY increasing amount of stress, with enough time to recover, they will NOT get closer to snapping, instead they will get stronger.

3. Recovering from injury is not that different……the tissue may well have failed (or snapped) at either a microscopic or macroscopic level, but the body will repair this by laying down new tissue. This new tissue is called scar tissue when it is found in ligaments and muscles etc.

4. The only significant difference being the healing tissue is significantly weaker than it was before the injury. As a result the load you put down through it has to start at a low level and build slowly in order for the tissue to adapt in the way described by Point 2.

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