Back in 2005 I gained my BSc in physiotherapy, and have been honing my skills since then. A spell over in New Zealand gave me opportunities to work on the PGA, with a national 7’s rugby team and local football clubs. This experience, coupled with my love of sport (both partaking and watching!) has given me the exposure to guide patients back to their very highest levels of function.

With the belief that knowledge is invaluable, between 2010-11 I completed my MSc in Sports and Exercise Medicine, and in 2011 I started my PhD looking at the biomechanics of the lower limb, with a focus on the knee joint. All the information gained from this will be ploughed into patient care both on this website, and from the first appointment if you come and see me in my clinic.

You can currently find me working clinically in both the The City and East End of London

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