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“Getting you back on the road after injury”

Getting injured is never the aim of training or exercise, but it happens. When it does, the aim is to get yourself back to the sport you love as quickly as possible. Running is no exception.

This application has been developed with this in mind. It works alongside an effective self or therapist managed program. It helps structure your return to running by giving you a set volume of training within specific limits to prevent the healing tissues from being overworked.
Get the process right and you follow a smooth path to full recovery.
Rehab Running is here to help.

Downloading Rehab Running;

• Enables you to select the most appropriate Rehab Running program based on your age, fitness level prior to injury, length of time off running due to injury, and frequency that they would like to exercise.
• Allows you to select the best time for each run to be completed
• Gives you voiceover guidance for each run
• Allows you to play your favorite music whilst running
• Shows performance graphs based on time and distance to enable you to track your progress

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